airbrush make-up for brides

Finally, make-up is being taken as a serious career with more talented and creative individuals than ever before learning the art in college and increasing numbers of people retraining and entering the industry through private schools.

Whether you want to be a TV and Film artist, major on photography or focus on bridal clients, there will be a niche for you. Decide what market you want to focus on and with drive and determination you can get there.

If you are considering beauty and bridal make-up, take a look at our Top 5 Reasons to become a Bridal make-up artist.

1. You’re the ‘go to girl’ (or guy!)

It’s fair to say that as a qualified make-up artist, you have the best clients and probably a whole load of new friends! Position yourself as THEIR expert in make-up and beauty regime. Top tips for the hottest lipstick shades this summer – you’ll have them; the best concealer secrets, you’ll know them. You will become the fairy godmother of make-up and your expertise are valuable – don’t undersell your skills and knowledge. You love make up right? What can be better?!

2. Airbrush specialists get more brides – FACT!

You’re an airbrush specialist or want to be? Bridal make-up is the heartbeat of the industry. Being asked to be a part of one of the most important events of their life carries great responsibility as you help frame the biggest day of your client’s life. Airbrushing helps you get into this position.

From first meeting the bride and discussing everything from the proposal to their pout, you become a part of more than just their makeover – it is such a special and exciting time. It’s absolutely the most enjoyable part of my role as a make-up artist, and what’s more many of them return for occasion make-up after too. With repeat business and the extended delight of the bridal party as they see their make-up finished – it can feel like the most rewarding job in the world.

3. The flexibility of being self employed

Whilst a scary thought for most, working for yourself as a qualified make-up artist provides flexibility to choose your own hours. Not working a 9 to 5 for me, is liberating. Working when you choose allows you to plan around other commitments, ‘picking up the children’, ‘balancing an active life’ and more – it’s great. Of course, you will have to work some weekends, but ultimately - you can choose which. 

4. You get to do a bit of travel

Working as an MUA will take you to some amazing places and stunning venues. I have been fortunate enough to enjoy both! Travelling around Ireland , and farther afield if you wish. Working as an airbrush make-up artist will take you to the larger cities, where demand for airbrush work is high and will open up the world of TV, film and theatre work to you. Be prepared to travel a little and your business will take off. 

5. It’s an amazing creative outlet

Make-up artistry is real outlet for creative people who aren’t suited to being sat at a computer or glued to a phone. Some of the most talented make-up artists I have met have had struggles with conditions such as dyslexia and this industry has given them a career where they can flourish and worry less about their difficulties while builindg their own confidence and making other people feel great. Its testimony to the fact that everyone has a skill and there really is a career perfect for everyone.

As they say, choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life...

Being a make-up artist won't feel like work at all. If you’re looking to get into airbrush make-up you can view the Airbase Introductory Course online, or if you're serious about bridal artistry, then we do a two day course that will propel you into the world of weddings, with business advice and support too.